Flawless work!

Last year, I found myself in a life or death situation. My addictions had completely bulldozed over what at one point looked to be my life. Compounded by the obvious inability to put myself in a safe environment or to make good choices, I was lost and facing what public defenders told me to be a death sentence. As if staring at bogus, but very serious DV and Malicious Mischief charges, from my previous, very abusive and toxic relationship, wasn’t enough trouble for my troubled life, I then violated my SOC when I was charged with a DUI before my year of good time was up. That’s when Phil stepped in. Speaking with Phil was the first time I had felt hope and relief in a long time. I never felt judged or belittled, as Phil openly shared his life experiences and lessons with me. He assured me that he could and would HELP ME. Almost a year later, after countless hours and court appearance, legal and personal advice, late night and early morning phone calls. Phil did exactly what he promised, he helped me reclaim my life. He stood by me with genuine concern and care, through inpatient, countless outpatient facilities and doctors, never ending court appearances, and family struggles. I always knew that no matter what, Phil had my back, no bull sh*%. This man is creative, diligent, persistent and a never ending plethora of knowledge. I don’t honestly know if I would have made it through all of this without him and I know there is no price tag I could ever attach to what my family and I gained from hiring Phil. I have recommended him to friends, and he works with the same vigor and dedication that he did with my cases. Always producing results! I will continue to endorse and recommend this amazing attorney to anyone I come in contact with, seeking legal representation. Flawless work!

– J.C.