Family law case

Phil saw me in the hall at Snohomish County District Courthouse, after I had tried to get an Ex Parte, Pro Se but failed to do so, he asked to see my documents and asked to set up a meeting with me to talk about the specifics to hire him as he really wanted to help me and my kids. It has been a nightmare at times for both him and me, but he has tirelessly worked with me until the nightmares have passed.

He has been nothing but the best in my case, he has done everything in a timely manner and made sure that everything that I needed to do for my case was complete and accurate.

While not primarily a Family law attorney (he is a DUI and Criminal defense) he has known all the necessary forms and laws for what needed to be done. He as been more than available (including in the middle of the night) to answer all questions and handle all my “little emergencies”.

He helped me get full custody of my kids, and I am completely satisfied with his work. I would recommend him to any and all, and would hire him again for all of my needs.

Thanks again Phil
– Anthony

(originally posted on Avvo)