You CANNOT go wrong with choosing Mr. Phil Weinberg as your attorney.

Mr. Phil Weinberg is the best decision I have ever made for him to represent me for about 5+ years now. He always kept his word throughout my entire case. (2 cases at that!) He kept me out of jail from Seattle AND Kent. Both cases I would have done mandatory 1 year and the other 6 months jail. He is a good hard working man. Who also represented my uncle a few years back before he died last year. Mr. Weinberg helped my uncle so much with the difficult case with result of keeping him out of jail completely. Phil Weinberg is an amazing attorney. All I had to do was trust his process and do what he told me to do in order to have a great outcome in my cases. These past 4-5 years of him representing me, he has become my GO-TO professional and I’ve gained a good friend; if not, another uncle. You cannot go wrong with choosing Mr. Phil Weinberg to be your attorney. Thank you for helping me move forward in my life and thank you for everything.

– Dean U.

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